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  • Annual Solar Return

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    Annual Solar Return

    Your Solar Return is the time in which the Sun comes back to its exact location when you were born and occurs each year on or near your birthday.

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  • Chiron Return

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    Chiron Return

    Chiron returning to it’s original position at birth happens only once a lifetime around age 49-50. You must have this reading if you want to know what the last half of your life is all about.

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  • HD Level 1 Reading

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    HD Level 1 Reading

    Expand your vision and see the larger picture of your life
    Become more magnetic to your higher good and to all you need
    Surrender your personality pictures of what you think you need, and to open  to all the gifts your soul and Divine Self have for you
    Release struggle, limitations, obstacles, and conflicts, and  experience  more peace and harmony

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  • HD Level 2 Reading

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    HD Level 2 Reading

    Done anytime after you have digested your Level 1 Reading …

    An in depth exploration of the 6 lines, 14 planets, and 9 circuits, as they pertain to your individual chart

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  • HD Relationship Composite

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    HD Relationship Composite

    ASAP for any intimate relationship you really want to understand, heal, or grow with.

    Our relationships provide us with some of the deepest and most mysterious experiences of our lives. Why do we feel attracted to some people, but not to others? Why does love fade away in some cases and yet last for decades in others?

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  • Planetary Transit

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    Planetary Transit

    Useful at any time you want to see what new energies are available to you and affecting you in addition to your natal energies RIGHT NOW or at SOME SPECIFIC DATE

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  • Saturn Return

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    Saturn Return

    This influence occurs about every twenty-nine years. The first such influence occurred when you were about twenty-nine, and the second is between your fifty-eighth and sixtieth birthday, and a third can happen as you enter your ninetieth year.

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