The Soul Dynamic

The Nature of Soul Wounding and the Journey to Healing

by Beverly Marie Bright

It is my personal experience that deep embodiment can develop in each individual in which one has a rich, clear, and authentic experience of what it means to truly be a human being — in relationship to oneself, to reality, and to other human beings.

My basis for facilitating the healing of others is based on my own continuing psychological healing and spiritual growth, awakening to my natural state of wholeness and health, and my continued personal spiritual quest, which has been the quest of many of the great traditions, that being “What am I or Who am I” and “What will my internal experience be, if I can experience myself beyond ego-based identity, without all the strategies and beliefs of my conditioned personality, without “doing” my present experience predominantly veiled and colored by events of my past.? I have asked myself and I now ask you… What would it be like to experience the present moment as clean, clear of all past moments, and empty of the usual familiar structures and beliefs . . . yet fresh, new, full and rich?

We begin as this pure presence, we leave that state of presence in order to survive in environments where presence was not seen or valued, and we then long in one way or another to return to that condition from which we came. By presence, here, we mean a richness and fullness of experience which is not simply empty space/big mind, but a fullness and richness of in-the-world experience which is simply free of the resistance’s, controls and stuckness which dominate our soul when identified with our patterns and old reactions.

This pure presence and fullness of this moment is where we came from. It is who we are at our core and it can be returned to through the experiential understanding in our cells of what we are and what we are not.. We need to see and release these specific patterns of belief and reactivity which we now take to be the norm and we need to feel and anchor the spiritual truth of our essential beingness.

A “spiritual” experience, in this view, is not an “elevated” one but an experience that is not controlled or produced by our conditioned personality. These may range from the direct experience of guidance, joy, strength, power, will, value, love, compassion, and others… to the equally valuable experience of awakening to a hidden of obscured truth… i.e. admitting we have been wrong about something to which we have defensively clung to out of desperation or ignorance. In fact, when we succeed in dropping one of these outdated defenses or falsehoods, Truth itself is felt/known directly and births the relaxation of our body and gives rise naturally to a sense of freedom, peace, and spaciousness, which are also actual manifestations of our essential being. The soul then expands and relaxes and is one step closer to returning to it’s natural state of purity and ease.

Structuralization of the mind and experience, through childhood and subsequent conditioning, is well known in Western depth psychology. What is less known is the understanding that it is and was pure Being which was and is now at stake when psychological structures overlay our pure experience with the myriad gross self-images, reactions and beliefs.

Taking advantage of the inherent tendency in the soul to return to its original and natural state, personal exploration of our individual structuralizations tends to allow them to relax, fade and often simply disappear in the field of truthfulness we create; enough so that we are able to see beyond and experience an increasingly more true, authentic sense of self.

What I do is to facilitate a completely natural process: the natural movement of the individual soul toward its natural state, where it most wants to go and is where it is in fact compelled to go.


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