Knowing and Living your Design can make a profound difference in your life. You are not asked to have faith or believe in anything, rather you are encouraged to investigate and explore yourself, using your own unique Design as a lens, a way of seeing into the truth of you. Your own experience of this will always be the most effective proof of it’s remarkable accuracy and benefit to you, and those around you.

Understanding your design is a bit like being able to figure out what kind of car you are driving. The qualities of that car will determine the route that you can most easily navigate. A souped up dragster is really fast off the line and down the straight away, but not so good at cornering. A vehicle with four wheel drive and high ground clearance can easily navigate pretty rough terrain, but won’t come close to keeping up with a low slung sports car on a curvy road. Your Design shows you graphically what is reliable and trustworthy in that “vehicle” you are sojourning through life with, and where that vehicle is vulnerable. Knowing and Living your Design will gift you, giving you the opportunity to navigate your way through life’s unpredictable terrain more smoothly, with greater ease and efficiency.

Understanding your design is also helpful in this regard: we don’t label a dragster as “bad” because it doesn’t corner so well. We understand that it wasn’t designed to take sharp corners, even though other cars were. It does what it was designed to do very well– and so it is with us. Knowing and Living our Design opens a way for us to achieve not only greater self-awareness, but a high degree of self-acceptance as well, which is a profound foundation for Peace.

The following information will help you to decipher your personal Human Design Chart. It is a key that will provide you with a basic understanding of all the elements that make up your chart, as well as a means to a greater comprehension of your Rave Analysis Reading. Please take the time to review this material before your Reading. It is certain to add to the depth and degree of your understanding of what your chart reveals.

Bevs chart

Each Human Design Chart has Two Components:

The Data Base: The data base appears on the right as two columns of numbers that are flanking a central column of symbols. The word “Design” and “Personality” head the left and right columns, respectively. The central column’s symbols depict the sun, planetary bodies (Mercury, Saturn, Earth, etc.), and nodes of the moon. The columns labeled “Design” and “Personality” are the result of two separate calculations that are made using the birth data that you provided me. The resulting astrological information (a Natal and Prenatal chart) was then translated into numbers that represent specific hexagrams and lines of the I Ching. You will note that each number in either column has a smaller number attached to its upper right corner. The larger numbers each represent a hexagram (one of the 64 archetypes expressed as hexagrams in the I Ching), and the smaller number expresses one of the six lines, or sub themes, that make up that hexagram.


The Individual Design Body Graph: This illustration is a graphic, color-coded representation of your individual circuitry. The channels and gates that are colored in on the Individual Design Body Graph correspond to the hexagrams listed by number in the Design and Personality columns.