“Beverly Marie Bright is gifted and I do not say this lightly. She is not another New Age spiritual fluff type. Beverly embodies her knowing and presents herself clearly and authentically, not hiding behind ideologies or false niceness. She is refreshingly real and honest. She is a wise and deeply caring woman who is generous with her insights and her heart. I recommend her highly and I think you should get on her calendar before more of the world discovers this treasure of a being”

–Susanne West, Professor of Psychology, JFK University, Marin County


“My experience working with Beverly was the most profound work I have ever experienced. She has an elegant and very present way about her, yet underneath that lies both a fire and wisdom that runs so incredibly deep. The most beautiful thing for me about our work is that I actually saw myself in all these amazing parts of her, under all the games I played with myself for so long it became so clear, and simply put, there we were. She brought all the beauty and strength and vulnerability and passion and my voice up and out of me again after years of deep hibernation. I cried, I sobbed really, and then I remembered. For this, and to her, I am forever grateful.”

–Julie Petyak, M.S., L.Ac.,Ventura, CA.


” I had my session today with Beverly and it was truly amazing. Murky parts of me that I sensed but couldn’t cognize or feel my way through were made clear to me, and I feel great compassion and respect for the complexity of my being, and the particular challenges that are mine. I can see myself with more objectivity and more tolerance, as well as more peace. My struggles are becoming clearer. ”

–Deborah B. Spiritual Teacher; Marin County, CA.


“My session with Beverly gave me a reflection of myself from a completely new mirror. I saw more deeply into my own unique nature and saw what I could change and what I could not. This has brought me more understanding, tolerance, and peace within myself. I learned how to maximize my strengths and felt much more connected to myself as a dynamic, whole human being. I found that I am nicer to myself since the session, and I have increased my ability to communicate more effectively with others.”

–Catherine Lampton, International Mediator, Workshop Presenter, and Counselor

Honolulu, Hawaii


“I have been blessed to encounter many teachers, readers, and healers on my own journey of self-discovery and healing – and Beverly Bright is one of the most impactful beings that I have ever met in that arena. I found my time with Beverly to be challenging, instructive, nourishing, and most of all, healing to my soul. She raised my game, calling me gently, effectively, and continuously to a higher level of self-awareness and self knowing. I am left feeling great gratitude for having her in my life.”

–William Cory, Professional Counselor and Healer; Ojai, CA.


“Beverly Bright’s warm, gentle spirit inspires me to find the truth and let it shine through me without judgment; nurturing my intuition to grow and be my compass to guide me in everyday life. Since working with Beverly I feel more connected with myself, and more empowered to make choices that are right for me. I have never had such immediate results from any other kind of therapy I’ve tried I am really blessed that I found Beverly and I highly recommend her!”

–Alecia B. Caine, Financial and Business Coach, Ventura, CA.


“After a single counseling session with Beverly, I felt more relief and understanding than I knew possible. The session vacillated between emotion and logic. There was action involved; passion, release, and truth. Beverly is a blessing, a true guide, and a loving soul.

Beverly Bright is a ray of light whose wisdom infiltrates life with eternal love, compassion and understanding. Working with Beverly completely changed my life for the better. I feel a deeper connection with the essence of Oneness and a resonating vibration of Love, Acceptance, and Truth.

Beverly is a blessing to this experience of life.”

—Erin East, Professional Broadway dancer, and author of “Between the Lines”, Los Gatos, CA.


“What you (Beverly) suggested was perfect….What can I say except thank you, from the deepest part of my heart, for being there for me.…Each day I feel more and more of my wholeness. Today’s session was so profound, I can hardly find the words. For months there has been such confusion, such a sense of unreality. What we uncovered today makes sense. It feels right. I can feel the pieces finally, finally finding their place. What an incredible relief. I can grieve, I can let go, I can move on, I can understand. That’s huge and I am so grateful.

All I can say is, simply,
Thank you and I love you.
Now I know what I am grieving.
I can feel you here
And I am grateful. ”

— Kalyn Block, NIA Dance Instructor, Port Hueneme, CA.


“Beverly is a critical healing presence in my life. Parts of my being begin opening up the moment I come into contact with her. I see her as a vehicle of truth – teaching spiritual truth and self directed healing with love, clarity and purity while drawing upon a wide variety of spiritual disciplines – both eastern and western. She has played an essential role in my spiritual growth and I recommend her to anyone who seeks honest and loving self exploration and spiritual healing.”

— Randy Shepard, Educator; Santa Maria, CA.


“As I survey the landscape of my life with an eye to what things have made an indelible difference for my growth in self-knowledge and self-compassion, I see that every session I’ve had with Beverly has been a landmark event. I’ve seen years of conflict and confusion, within myself or with my wife, seemingly evaporate in the course of one session with her.

I’ve worked with a great many teachers, guides, therapists, advisors, coaches, “readers”, etc. In my experience Beverly is in the very top tier of such workers, and is truly in a class of her own in terms of the depth and power of her work, the versatility of her methods, and the vastness of her ability to hold space for whatever comes forth to be heard and healed in a session.”

— Paul Lancaster, Computer Technician, Farifield, Iowa


Dearest Beverly,

“I am grateful for the privilege of our sessions and the Light and insights that you have shared to assist me in this most recent time of my growth, transition, and transformation. Even in the brief meeting that we have had, I feel a valuable spiritual connection has been made. You are a great source of Light and Love to those that you touch.

I’m looking forward to listening to our session on CD. It has been a joy of revelation and confirmation meeting you Bright One! I am certain that you are a great beacon of Light helping many of us on the way to the home of our Divine Heart.”

–Robert Jacobs, Artist/Writer, Cambria, CA.


“Thank you for helping me put my hands back on the wheel of my life’s ship…my gratitude will live on always, Thank you so much!”

–David Johnson, BA, NCMT( professional masseuse), Ojai, CA.


“Beverly’s counseling has been a great experience of empowerment for me. She has given me a level of clarity on my life that brought forth much needed energies. Her compassion and intuitive insights helped me to see patterns in my life that needed examination. She has been a great gift!”

–Mark Greenia, Author of “Energy Dynamics” & “Living form the Heart” , Sacramento,CA.


“Beverly is one of the few most intelligent, honest, insightful, resourceful, passionate, gentle, wonderful people I have met. She shares her deep and amazing heart with grace and wisdom. Her recommendations have been ‘spot on’ and life changing. Gratefully and forever more.”

–Dennis Payton, Fresno, CA.


”I have worked with many healers and therapists over the years. However, working with Beverly has been the most unique to date. She is compassionate, understanding and nonjudgmental. She shares her experiences with guiding insight. She helps to get to the core of your issues. Beverly has helped to understand that I am waking up and not going crazy.”

–Cynthia B. Intuitive and Hollywood Fashion Designer, Santa Monica, CA.


“Thank you so much for taking the time to call me and illuminate some of my questions. Also, thanks for trusting me in terms of payment. I feel very connected to you and your teachings. I happily consider you a spiritual teacher for me. Thank you again and I look forward to your wisdom and guidance.”



“Working with Beverly has been a wonderful experience. Bev is an amazing conduit for all the teachings and wisdom gained during her existence in this plain. To work with her has been an honor, privilege and blessing! With the Human Design System, Beverly has really goes to the core of who you are. It’s empowering by providing insight to the intangibles that our human form endures in a lifetime…the change happens now! With her compassion, gentle and open heart, Beverly brings to the table the ability to unlock your true potential.”

–Luis Aguirre, Jr.,Real Estate Broker,San Antonio, TX


“You have been the instrument that started my life changing so much for the better!-

-Gina Petry, Nurse, Oxnard, CA.


Dear Beverly,

“You are one person who I felt understood me. When we had sessions, I felt heard. I felt like you knew what I was trying to express. ”

–Fury Curtin, Ojai, CA.