I Ching

The I Ching, the ancient Chinese text, is a widely consulted living mystery that reflects back to the user the deep wisdom contained in its hexagrams and lines. The channeled information imparted to Ra Uru Hu about how Human Design works revealed that the living energy of the I Ching’s sixty-four hexagrams with six lines apiece is a vital genetic part of each of us that was imprinted while we were in our mother’s uterus and at our birth.

Each of us is born with the energy of two sets of fourteen lines out of the three hundred eighty-four lines possible in the I Ching.

One set of fourteen I Ching lines is inherited from our parents and is contained in a vehicle called a Design crystal that is received at conception. The information from these lines is imprinted in the DNA of each cell . This occurs when the brain’s neo cortex completes its development approximately eighty-eight days before our birth.

A second imprinting from our soul contained in a Personality (or soul) crystal occurs in a similar way at the moment of our birth.
At the precise moment of each of these two imprintings, neutrinos generated by the sun and the stars that have passed through the planets and picked up their energy pierce each cell’s I Ching aura from a particular angle. This angle is based on the planet’s position at the time of the imprint and permanently connects a specific planet’s energy to the energy of a specific I Ching line.

The Rave BodyGraph of Human Design lists an individual’s imprinted Design (inherited) hexagram lines and associated planets in red to the left of the BodyGraph. The Personality (soul) hexagram lines and associated planets are shown in black to the right. Each of the sixty-four possible hexagrams of the I Ching have a specific place or Gate in a map of our energetic body plotted on the Rave BodyGraph.

The Rave Mandala


The Rave Mandala has two circular layers at its edge. The Hexagrams and lines of the I Ching are on the outside layer and the signs of the astrological zodiac are on the inside layer. The energy of a third vehicle, a Magnetic Monopole, wraps the two layers around each other and permanently maintains the connection between these two energetic layers after imprinting.

The Hexagram

Our universe is dualistic in nature: yin or yang, masculine or feminine, on or off, black or white. This duality is reflected all the way down to our genes and beyond, to the subatomic particles that make us up. Our yin energy is made up of neutrons and protons, and our yang nature by electrons and neutrinos.

The author of I the Ching intuited this, most basic, dual nature of the universe thousands of years ago and constructed a stacked six line structure, the hexagram, to reflect how the universe operates. Each of the six lines of a hexagram reflects either a yin or yang energy. Since mathematically, if there are two choices (yin and yang), to the sixth power (six lines), we arrive at sixty-four possibilities or sixty-four different hexagrams. Each line of the hexagram is either an unbroken line (yang) or broken line (yin). One possibility is a stack of all unbroken lines (Hexagram 1) or a stack of all broken lines (Hexagram 2). The other sixty-two hexagrams are a combination of unbroken and broken lines.

A Brief Discussion Of The Meaning of The Placement Of The Individual Lines In A Hexagram
The Meaning Of Each Of The Sixty-Four Hexagrams

The following snippets about each hexagram
(Gate) and line give you a just a taste of their overall meaning. This discussion is not meant to be a tool for you to use by itself to interpret someone’s RaveBodyGraph. Human Design interprets specific lines of a hexagram as it relates to the entire design. The interpretation of the same line in the same hexagram can vary significantly from person to person because of many factors: among them are the planet associated with that line, the effect of another line in the same channel and that line’s associated planet, as well as the line’s meaning in relationship to the other twenty-seven lines in the chart.

The Meaning Of The Placement
Of The Six Individual Lines
In The Hexagram

The First Line, the bottom line, is the foundation, the essence of the hexagram. Its job is to come to grips with the true nature of the hexagram.

The Second Line (from the bottom) projects out the quality of the hexagram like a radio station. Initially, it is unaware of its own depth. This awareness may increase over time.

The Third Line (from the bottom) learns through trial and error and needs to know if it is okay to make mistakes. It has more awareness of itself than the second line.

The Fourth Line (from the bottom) has a one-track mind, a drive to externalize the quality of the hexagram, It has opportunistic, fixed, and conservative nature.

The Fifth Line (from the bottom) has the ultimate position in the hexagram and projects the nature of the hexagram on to others.

The Sixth Line, the top line, says, “Been there, done that.” It has a blasé, transitory nature and sits on the fence. It knows how to be our role model for the meaning of the hexagram, but can also be a hypocrite.

The Meaning Of Each Of The Sixty-Four

Through the I Ching many very specific kinds of invisible help are made available to us depending on what is needed for healing. In the following snippets, because of the summary nature of this discussion, all the aspects and names of this help are used interchangeably and referred to by the words that are capitalized. Cosmos, Universe, Consciousness, and God are a few examples.

Hexagram 1 The Inspiring Creative Force

The inspiration and creative force behind every aspect of Consciousness: everything that is expressed in form, everything that exists, including nature.

Hexagram 2 Welcoming

The welcoming aspect of all creation as all of its parts experience each other and express themselves in harmony.

Hexagram 3 Uncertainty At The Beginning

In any new situation, whether it involves another person, our money, or anything else, there is uncertainty. We need to approach this uncertainty with humility as a gift from the Universe.

Hexagram 4 Trying to Seduce

When we try to seduce someone we see as higher, including God, to get what we want, our ego takes over and we forget our own wisdom and lose our humility.

Hexagram 5 Waiting With Humility

When we acknowledge the help available and ask for it with humility, the Cosmos responds.

Hexagram 6 The Origins of Conflict

Realizing that any mistaken idea, anything that argues with our deepest truth, leads to conflict. We need to stay in tune with our deepest knowing and see which idea or concept is to be discarded to end the conflict.

Hexagram 7 The Cosmic Army

We need to remain firmly rooted as our true self and ask for help from the Cosmic Army of Helpers to fight the injustices of the collective ego.

Hexagram 8 Coming Together

When people come together, they need to connect fully with the Universe and everything in it with great feeling. Being aware of God’s presence and being in touch their inner truth, their group endeavor succeeds.

Hexagram 9 Awareness of the Collective Ego

Awareness of the many small ways the collective ego has hijacked our true virtue by having us internalize its mores and values. As these ways that make us doubt ourselves are discarded, we see that our underlying inner truth and true feelings are our real nourishment.

Hexagram 10 Responding Appropriately

To respond appropriately in life, we need to reconnect with the innate sensibilities we had as a child before we were imprinted with society’s musts and shoulds. We are to rediscover our inner truth and true feelings and stay connected to the Cosmos.

Hexagram 11 Peace and Harmony

Humans are not the center of the universe. Peace and harmony are the result of a humble relationship with nature, our bodies, our true self, the true self in others, and God.

Hexagram 12 The Retreat of The Cosmic Helpers

If we feel we no longer need help from the Cosmos, the Helpers retreat. When we become aware that our actions and beliefs have stalled our progress, we need say an inner no to our inappropriate attitudes and regain our humility. This allows the Universe to help us again.

Gate 13 Relating Correctly To Others

Understanding that correct relating means not relating to the ego in others. We must step back, stay connected, and wait for them to relate from a place of openness, from their true self.

Gate 14 Abundance

We have the option to live out our innate gifts and shed the imprint of the collective ego. We will have abundance if we trust the unconditional loving nature of the Universe, its Help, and the gifts it gives us, without our conditioned overlay.

Gate 15 Innate Common Sense

If we trust the senses we were born with and stay in touch with our inner truth, we will have correct discernment. Living the collective ego’s ideas of what is correct can compromise our judgment and create disharmony.

Gate 16 No Resistance

When we offer no resistance to all the ways the
Universe helps us, our energy flows and we feel genuine enthusiasm.

Gate 17 Following Our Inner Truth

We are encouraged to live our life from our inner truth and honor our true feelings, not the collective ego’s ideas and pictures of how to be in this world and achieve success.

Gate 18 Rooting Out Decay

After seeing that some of our tribe’s deeply held age-old beliefs have crept in and trumped our inner truth and true feelings, we need to sit for a good while as we reject these seemingly good, but pernicious beliefs.

Gate 19 Approaching With An Open Mind

We are reminded in this hexagram of our partnership with the Cosmos. As we approach anything new, whether it is a relationship, or a problem, we need to have both a humble perspective and open mind, and to remember to allow in all the Help from above. Then, all goes well.

Gate 20 Perceiving Correctly

We are advised to trust the common sense of our inner truth and true feelings and reject the inclinations of our own ego and the musts and shoulds of the collective ego.

Gate 21 Rejecting The Collective Ego

We must fiercely say no the collective ego’s attitudes and beliefs that we hold that block the help and nourishment available to us from the Universe.

Gate 22 The Beauty of Unique Expression

When either a person or nature itself expresses its uniqueness, it is beautiful. When we act in a contrived way or our ego is active, the beauty of this uniqueness is lost.

Gate 23 Separation

If we begin to doubt our inner truth, we temporarily lose our center and our feeling nature. Recovering our wholeness comes when we uncover these mistaken ideas and beliefs and connect again with our inner truth and true feelings.

Gate 24 Success Comes Through Subtraction

When we have succumbed to the wiles of the ego, we should not attempt to get away from our discomfort by trying harder or becoming more virtuous. Rather, we need to discover the beliefs and ideas that are poisoning us and say no to them.

Gate 25 Trusting The Moment

We are reminded to remain centered in our innocence, live in the moment, and be guided by our feeling nature. If our expectations rule us and we live in the future, we lose our spontaneity and create problems for ourselves.

Gate 26 Dealing With Unjust Treatment

We are reminded that retaliation with anger over
unjust treatment does not work. We are to say no inwardly to the offender and turn the matter over to the Cosmos for correction in its own way and in its own time.

Gate 27 Nourishing Our Mind And Body

We need to intuit what food our body considers healthy and examine carefully our thoughts and beliefs about our body. We are unique and need to honor our innate goodness and love our body.

Gate 28 Pushed To The Breaking Point

If we have been bullied or treated in an oppressive way, we must remained centered and say an inner no and, if necessary, an outer no to change the energy of the situation. The Cosmic Helpers will step in to help us rectify the situation when our energy has shifted.

Gate 29 Addressing Our Primal Fears

If our ego represses our deepest fears and
relegates them to our unconscious, we create an illusory self-confidence. We may completely forget who we truly are. A traumatic event can change that in a flash and crack wide open the thin veneer of our mask and expose how we really feel. If we are sincere, we will see that on our own, we lack the resources to relate to the crisis. By asking the Universe for help, we will be shown by our loving Cosmic Helpers how to relate to the crisis and address our fears.

Gate 30 Achieving Clarity

Sometimes our common sense is blocked because we rely too much on just our thinking or feeling. By seeing which senses are not being used and asking the Universe for help, we can regain access to the forgotten elements and achieve clarity.

Gate 31 Stop Trying To Make Love Happen

The Cosmos is working to bring us an appropriate love relationship in its own time. To actively search for one on our own works against the Help already given. Also, the gift of a love relationship is a primary way the Universe shows us how to relate to others. In love relationships our inner truth and real feelings connect with both of those in another.

Gate 32 The Evolution of Consciousness

Consciousness evolves on the planet through each individual’s transformation as we honor and live out our inner truth and real feelings. Our gifts, humbly given, then contribute to restoring harmony in the Universe.

Gate 33 Making Amends Correctly

If we make amends and are truly sorry for something we have done, the Cosmos fully
supports our sincerity and reminds us to reject any fear and guilt associated with our actions.

Gate 34 Using Power Can Only Interfere

The use of power is unnatural and interferes with the Cosmos’ ability to transform a situation and creates an unwholesome outcome for those who use it. Power is a mental energy that lacks the feeling necessary to ultimately resolve a conflict.

Gate 35 Progress

Real progress comes when we reject society’s ideas of what progress is and express our uniqueness by living out our inner truth and true feelings.

Gate 36 The Ego’s Desperate Attempts To Survive

As we follow our inner truth and feelings, the ego begins to die. It will try to hang on by presenting us with compelling reasons to be guilty and afraid and not follow through with our natural inclinations. We need to firmly reject these ploys of the ego.

Gate 37 The All Inclusive Family

We are a unique part of the whole that includes our biological family, the entire family of man, the Cosmic Array of Helpers, and all of nature. Nothing is excluded and all aspects of this family are considered equal. We are called to live out our part with modesty and humility.

Gate 38 Disobedience

Identifying ourselves as special rather than unique builds up our ego and separates us from our Universal Family. This disobedience does not permanently stain us. We can rectify this by living sincerely with a modest and humble attitude. This will reconnect us with the loving, feeling Universe.

Gate 39 Dealing With Obstructions

When we don’t listen to our common sense about how to deal with a problem, we may find ourselves obstructed. The Universe deals with us in a loving way if we allow its help in looking beyond the obvious. We need to adjust how we look at a situation for an obstruction to be dealt with effectively.

Gate 40 Freeing The Cosmic Helpers

If we fall into the trap of not believing there is support available from the Cosmos, we limit the help available to us and end up relying only the ego. Examining our limiting egoistic beliefs and saying no to them connects us again with the Universe and restores our inner freedom.

Gate 41 Casting Off Limiting Beliefs

We need to reduce the size of our ego to allow the benefits of the Cosmos to come to us. The only way to do this is to ask the Cosmic Helpers for assistance in discovering and discarding the limiting beliefs that sustain our ego and block access to the help available.

Gate 42 No Lack

Our worldly assumptions of scarcity and a lack of resources are not the Cosmic reality. The loving and ever expanding nature of the Universe continually gives us its gifts if we live in harmony with it.

Gate 43 Asserting Our Inner Truth

Our will can be problematic and build up our ego. But when our will and our inner truth are in alignment, expressing our truth will penetrate the defenses of both our own ego and the ego of others.

Gate 44 Allowing Attraction To Unfold

The ego likes to make things happen. It wants it now. On the other hand, the complementary aspects of the Universe naturally attract each other and come together on their own in their own time. We need to let this process of attraction mature and complete itself naturally without our interference.

Gate 45 Drawn Together By Inner Truth

We come together naturally with others or with God by restraining our ego and expressing our inner truth and feelings.

Gate 46 Inner Development

A strong resolve to develop our inner life is supported by the Cosmos. By living out our inner truth and by expressing our real feelings we live in harmony with the Cosmos and are lifted up.

Gate 47 Overcoming Depression

If harmful beliefs or negative emotions creep in and take up residence, they can rule over us and seem to speak for us. By discarding one mistaken belief at a time with the aid of our Cosmic Helpers, we can get back on our feet.

Gate 48 Drawing Nourishment From The Well

We fail to reap the benefits of knowing our inner
truth and feelings if we do not apply them in our life. Just seeing and feeling what is true is not enough. The nourishment comes from living them out.

Gate 49 Strip Away Old Beliefs

Renewal comes from discarding strongly held decadent societal views that are out of synch with our inner truth. We need to say an inner no to others who strongly believe we must hold these conditioned ideas. Ask the Universe for help to do this. We do not want to activate our own ego in the process or replace our decadent view with another viewpoint of the collective ego.

Gate 50 Synchronicity

Our inner truth is a relative truth that resonates with the Universe in the moment. It is not the hard-edged, black or white, abstract truth of the mind and ego that has no feeling and excludes our innate sensibility.

Gate 51 A Traumatic Event Is An Opportunity

When we experience shock because of some
traumatic event like the death of a close family member, a job loss, or a divorce, a spell is broken. This gives us an opportunity to examine our thinking and our values. Have they led us to a dead end and perhaps need to be changed? By becoming still and meditating on these issues, we ask the Universe to see us through this crisis and reconnect us with our humility and inner truth.

Gate 52 Turning Within Reveals Our Stuck Places

By meditating, the discomfort of the ego naturally gets revealed and is brought to a place of healing. Nothing needs to be done. No techniques are necessary, only a quiet and a loving patience with the process as the all the facets of our stuckness get revealed and healed.

Gate 53 Inner Development

The process of deprogramming us is guided by our Cosmic Helpers who know which beliefs and layers can be let go of first and which should come later. At each step of this process, we return to a greater harmony with the Cosmos and allow our true self rather than the ego to lead us.

Gate 54 The Cosmos Provides Everything Needed

It is not necessary to schmooze and make deals to get what we need in life. Integrity counts. By sacrificing our inner truth and feelings, we invite difficulties into our life. The Universe will give us everything we truly need if we remain loyal to our inner truth.

Gate 55 Real Abundance Is Internal

If we are truly modest and truly humble, we are constantly supported by the Cosmos and have an internal abundance that gives us real happiness. External abundance is comfortable and nice to have, but is not deeply nourishing.

Gate 56 Following The Beat Of Our Own Drummer

If we follow our inner truth and feelings, we leave the dictates of family and society behind. This won’t make our life path a lonely one because of our vital and loving relationship with the Cosmos. By having a correct relationship with the Cosmos, we may find that wonderful work and true friends also come into our life.

Gate 57 Inner Truth Is Penetrating

Coming from a place of sincerity and asking for help from the Cosmos, the deception of our ego is penetrated and the issue before us is made clear. When we meet the ego in others and step back in love, we allow the penetrating force of their inner truth to be activated.

Gate 58 A Joyful Stillness

With a quiet mind and heart we experience internally the joyful stillness of a glassy lake. This allows us to find the words to express our inner truth in the moment. We are reminded that if our ego becomes activated, our words can become stagnant and putrid like a swamp and do a disservice to our self and others.

Gate 59 Dissolving Our Rigidity

If we rigidly adhere to the rules and mores of the collective ego, we will experience internal conflict with our inner truth and feelings. By asking the Universe to melt down these rigidly held views,
we will be able to see their falsity so they can be discarded.

Gate 60 True Limitation

Humans have the egotistical idea that they are the center of the world and have dominion over it. We need to learn to limit ourselves and live with respect for everything in this world. We are not superior nor are the Cosmic Helpers. We are all equals: humans, Cosmic Helpers, rocks, trees, stars, animals, and plants, everything that exists, all equal.

Gate 61 Trusting Our Inner Truth

Our inner truth is not an abstract concept. It is a relative truth that is arrived at by examining each situation in the moment using all of our senses. If something feels off, trust that. If something feels harmonious, trust that.

Gate 62 Allow Your Inner Truth To Unfold

We need to allow our inner truth to unfold in its own way and in its own time. We are not to jump to conclusions as a situation unfolds if we are not clear about it. The ego always wants to know now, so we may have to be patient. Our inner knowing sometimes takes awhile to become clear.

Gate 63 Bringing To Completion

Discovering the thoughts or slogans of the ego and rooting them out and getting help from the Cosmos, we must still be vigilant for related beliefs and issues that can diminish our clarity. This completes all the steps we are a responsible for.

Gate 64 Transformation

After we have addressed an issue, completed all our own steps with the aid of the Cosmos, dealt with our doubts and fears, and remained vigilant for related issues, we turn the matter over to the Cosmic Helpers to complete the transformation of our consciousness.