Human Design Background

What Exactly is The Human Design System?

Where Did it Come From ?

What are the Scientific Principals that Govern the Human Design System?


What exactly is the Human Design System?

What if you could send away for an Owner’s Manual that would explain clearly what you are designed to do, what your strengths are, and where you are vulnerable? The manual would point out all the features unique to your design. After reading it, you would not only understand your many unique attributes, you would also know how best to use these attributes while navigating your way through life. You would also learn what pitfalls you will encounter, how to avoid them and how to best get what you want from life. You might even begin appreciating and accepting yourself for who you are, and begin dropping the judgments you have toward yourself and others for what you/they are not.

Does that sound helpful? The Human Design System provides you just such a manual! What would it be like to have an understanding of your emotions and how they specifically work in you? Have you ever struggled with making a clear and reliable decision?

Human Design shows you unequivocally, what you can always rely on within yourself, you will never again have to look outside yourself for answers. It shows you that each person has a unique circuitry (his/her design) that shows the pathway to their internal authority or decision making process.

Human Design also reveals where you are most vulnerable to being influenced by what others think or feel, how to sidestep that influence, and much, much more.

The Source of the Human Design System

The science of the Human Design System was revealed to a Canadian man, born in Montreal in 1948.  He was trained in the sciences, with a background in physics, and worked as an educator, artist, and entrepreneur. He was successful, and life went on for him in a pretty normal fashion, until what he describes as his life’s science fiction cycle, a seven-year journey of mystical transformation. It began with him abruptly leaving his home and all that he had known until then. He ended up on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza, where this cycle culminated in his receiving the Human Design System, whole and in detail, from what he calls the “Voice.”His name became Ra Uru Hu after the experience.

As spoken in his own words, “On the evening of January 3, 1987, I was penetrated by a Voice. It was a terrifying experience. My hair literally stood up on end. In the shock, a flood of water drained from my scalp. The Voice asked “are you ready to work?” For eight days and nights, I worked, transcribing in detail the Human Design System.”

Through this experience, he gained a vast panorama of information, a complete storehouse of details concerning the scientific nature of our universe, what he calls “the mechanics of Maya.” This system was given to him whole; a body of knowledge that was neither created, nor developed by humans. That event changed everything for him, even his name. He emerged from his experience, Ra Uru Hu, a man who now had a relationship with a source that he humbly refers to as the “Voice.”

In the years that followed, he poured himself entirely into the study and application of what he had been given. He describes this state of his development as a successful attempt to prove to himself that he was not insane, and that the Human Design System was accurate and true. Finally convinced, he offered it publicly for the first time in 1992 in Europe, and since then has taught it all over the world. Like others who became committed to the value of the Human Design System, has is dedicated to sharing the breadth and depth of his knowledge, and allowing the system to speak for itself.

A Logical, Easily Understood System that Requires No Belief

Although the source of the Human Design System is mystical, the system itself is rooted in very straightforward, logical science. It is rightly layered and complex, yet its information can be easily understood at a basic level. Armed with the understanding that it offers concerning your nature, you can then venture further, dive in deeper. You can put it to the most intimate and meaningful of tests by experimenting with and applying its information to your own life.

We live in a culture that defines success in very narrow terms, and tells us that we won’t be truly happy until we achieve its ideal.

In Ra’s words, “The first thing the Human Design System has taught me is that human beings, us, we hate ourselves. And we usually are hating the wrong person, because we have no idea who we are…none whatsoever. We hate ourselves because we can’t be what they told us to be; what they have been told that they’re supposed to be; and we go chasing after it wherever we can.”

The Human Design System is an education in understanding your own unique, and individual nature. It invites you to be yourself. When you recognize how you are designed to operate (both consciously and unconsciously), when you get to see who you are; and who you are not; you get to find your place in the Mythology of the totality. You get to live out what you’re here to live out, the specific archetypal expression of humanity, in its unfoldment, that you were designed to be.

The Scientific Principles That Govern Human Design

The Two Revolutionary Premises that are Central to Human Design are:

1. That, with accurate birth information, calculations can be made to produce two astrological charts, an natal chart and a prenatal chart, which can then be translated into specific hexagrams and lines from the I Ching. These hexagrams and lines have a direct correlation to the genetic information found in our DNA, and are used to produce a “genetic blueprint” of your individual circuitry, the Rave Body Graph, which reveals in startling detail, who you are as the conscious (natal chart) and unconscious (prenatal chart) self.

2. That neutrinos have mass, and that they are the conditioning agents of consciousness. That we are, in effect, “conditioned” by the neutrino stream that is passing endlessly through everything at a subatomic level; a neutrino stream that is emitted by all stars, with 70% of the impact being from our own sun, and the other 30% from the star field of our galaxy. The Human Design System is not a belief system.

It is really a way to come through the mystical and esoteric to something very fundamental and basic. It is a blueprint to our Genetic Code. It is all about the genetic code, because our genetic code defines our limitations. We all have our limitations, all of us. Very simply put, that limitation is the specific, individual human form that we are experiencing and expressing ourselves through in this lifetime.

In the Human Design there is a mandala. This mandala (wheel) is a revealed synthesis that cracks our genetic code wide open. The fist thing to recognize in looking at this mandala is that there is an astrological zodiacal wheel on the inside, and this hexagram structure of the I Ching, “the Book of Changes,” on the outside. In Ra’s words again, “In the 1950’s, Watson and Crick discovered the human genetic code. What they discovered was a basic binary mathematical code. Everyone was excited. Some 5,000 years before that, someone else had a revelation, and out of that revelation came this delightful binary code that we call the I Ching. And it is exactly the same, exactly the same, I say again, as our {genetic} code. It has the same binary system.”

In the Human Design mandala, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching encircle the zodiacal wheel. In that circle, outlining the zodiacal wheel, each hexagram was given a specific placement, in a precise order by the “Voice.” Each hexagram represents an archetype, and each of those archetypes has six subdivisions that make up the hexagram, the six lines. Each line in that hexagram represents a sub theme of the archetype that the hexagram represents, so there are six sub themes in each hexagram. In our genetics, we have 64 codons.

There are six strands of amino acids associated with each DNA codon; the same number configuration that is rooted ultimately in the six. This is significant in the Human Design, because when a calculation is done, the resulting chart is a blueprint to that person’s genetic imprinting. When a planet in the astrological wheel is aligned to its hexagram gate (the arc on the outer wheel coupled by a single hexagram), it automatically imprints that position on the Body Graph Chart, which is the diagramed circuitry used in an Analysis Reading.

Concerning the second premise that was mentioned; Ra relates that during those eight days and nights that this information was pouring through him, the most profound data he was given was about the material nature, the mass nature, of a sub atomic particle called a neutrino, and the effect that these neutrinos have on us.

What makes this remarkable is that in 1987, the very basis of the knowledge that Ra was given was rooted in a physics that science not only didn’t agree with, but doubted very much. The idea of neutrinos having mass was pretty debatable, and not generally accepted in scientific circles. It wasn’t until 1998, eleven years after he was given this knowledge that it was proven by human science. That discovery was announced that an international physics conference in Takayama, Japan, called ‘Neutrino ’98.” The announcement caused quite a stir, adding that “the experiment yields results that are outside the standard theory of particle physics, which describes the fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions. Until now, there has been no firm evidence that neutrinos possess mass.”

Neutrinos are the most abundant of all elementary particles. They are so tiny, bearing an infinitesimal mass, they they pass directly through matter; which, if magnified highly enough, is seen to be mostly made up of space. There are literally trillions of neutrinos penetrating everything, everywhere every second of the day, at near the speed of light. The vast bulk of neutrinos passing through us are made in stars. The “Voice” told Ra that we receive 70% of our neutrinos from the sun, the other 30% from the star field that is our galaxy. The “Voice” told Ra that the stream of neutrinos passing throng us imparts information, that they carry the information of the start so the Earth, to the consciousness that is manifesting life in form here on Earth; information that triggers and sustains the evolutionary process of awakening consciousness on this planet, and throughout the universe.

The Law of Friction tells us that anything that has mass will affect and be affected by any other object with mass that it comes into contact with. And so it is that another aspect to the neutrino impact is that as neutrinos pass through the planetary bodies on their way to Earth, they interact with those bodies and are affected, or “flavored” by them. So, the information that impacts you from the “flavored” neutrinos carries with it information from those planets. This is why your chart and transit are a critical tool in understanding the influences at play in your design on a day-to-day level.

Ra’s Summary on the Value of the Human Design System

As Ra put it, “Learn to see how the vehicle operates… and the moment you can see how your own vehicle operates, you enter into mythology, real mythology, not made up stuff, not fantasy. You see, it is clear to me that each and every human being has a unique archetypal nature that is here to be explored and expressed. Not by doing anything, but by being yourself. It is our major task, and begins with you simply understanding how you operate. It is the first step for anyone… just to understand the basic mechanics.

What is on in you? And what isn’t? What is fixed and reliable? And what is open and vulnerable? Where is your voice? Where is your power? Where is your awareness?

The greatest gift is to be able to see clearly the basic matrix from which you operate. From that point on, you can begin the experimentation. This is the most important thing about the nature of Human Design; It is here to be experimented with. It is a logical system and logic has to be experimented with endlessly.