At the moment of birth, each of us is imprinted with a DNA directed energetic circuit board. Your personal Human Design analysis provides a genuine snapshot of this circuit board that is both fixed and unique to you. Understanding your own blueprint, your Design, can be quite liberating, by confronting your conditioning and inviting you into a more relaxed and authentic experience/expression of your truest self.

Seeing exactly how two people come together, two extremely unique beings with two extremely unique make ups, is the gift of the Human Design Composite chart.

Seduction, Romance, Sex, and Love enter us via the world of relationships– What exactly is it that attracts us to certain beings and not to others? Our unique energetic DNA grid is the foundation of the chemistry between two people. It is our genetics that attracts us to the other the moment we step into their aura. We think it is our smile, or some other superficial trait, but the chemistry of attraction begins primarily at the genetic level.

When any two people come together, they immediately create a new and separate “entity”, something unique, something that is conditioned by the synthesis of their two auras. Their two individual Human Design System Charts can be overlaid to give a graphic representation of what this synthesis is. This new dual-identity is represented in the Human Design System as a Composite Chart, and it reveals who they are as this new unit. The beauty of this union is to understand that the composite, and resulting chemistry between two people is never to be taken personally. It is simply the geometry that exists between them. We have little control over who we are attracted to and why that attraction exists. It is determined by our chemistry.

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This is so very liberating to know, as it directs us to stop trying to make our relationships into something they can never be… be it relationship with our spouse, child, parent, co-worker, or friend… and instead, to bring awareness to the actual chemistry of our connection. If we can work with our relationships in light of their Design, we can really enjoy them for what they are— and not resent them for what they are not. This will result in the experience of a more harmonious union for all. Awareness of the chemistry between two people is the key for its success or failure.

There are no good or bad relationships. All things are possible when you enter into a relationship with clarity according to your authority, type, and strategy. Some relationships are destined for love, and some are more sexual, while others are only meant to be experienced as a single moment. Again, there are those relationships designed specifically for business, and those that are best suited to be only friendship.

When we examine a Human Design System composite chart, the first thing we look for is what is the nature of the connection between these two people… is there a lot of sexual attraction and chemistry between them? Or are they more suited to the comfort of companionship? We see qualities about each person that are interesting and compelling to the other, for this is what keeps them coming back! Most often we find, in examining the two individual charts, that we, as human beings, are the most deeply attracted to what we are not! Two people, who have completely different wiring, may find themselves drawn to and excited by each other. We are truly most interested in what is different than us. This phenomenon can be utterly yummy at first, and then those same qualities are the ones that turn out to be what repels you in the other person later on. Why does this happen? Because we get pulled into their wiring, and in the process get conditioned away from who we are. When we are not being true to our own nature, we can feel disconnected from ourselves and depressed, life feels awful, and things just don’t work out right for us.

If the relationship is more companion-like, more like a deep friendship, we see exactly where the areas of compatibility are and how you will feel with that person. We also see where you will not be compatible, and where the areas of conflict will inevitably arise.

We also see the areas in the relationship where one person will dominate the other, and where you will be the most conditioned by them and how to best deal with that.

We also see who is best suited for making certain decisions within the relationship, and who is not. We will highlight its strengths, and it’s inevitable challenges, both graphically and specifically. We will provide pragmatic, real life solutions for how to bring awareness to those areas, and how best to approach them in a way that considers everyone’s highest well being. We can see what style of communication will be most effective in reaching the other person.

You will understand what makes them tick, and how they arrive at decisions; what they are going to be drawn to, and what they cannot stand to be around. All of this opens up a tremendous body of information to us that can be pivotal in helping us decide whether to enter into a relationship, or not… work on an existing one, or not… or leave one, for both your sakes, as there may simply be too much to overcome. Compassion for self and other arises to such a great degree, for our judgments toward others and ourselves melt as we begin to understand that none of us really has any choice in what we were issued at birth. True Acceptance of self and others blossoms in our lives.

So, I hope you can see what an incredible gift this knowledge is… how it can add ease, compassion, and clarity to all your relationships–. be it with your “difficult child or teenager,” that “unnerving boss,” or maybe that “quiet husband” of yours. We begin to know that we are all just who we are, nothing more, living out the play of consciousness through our unique and specifically designed form. The more we can truly accept the nature of our form, our vehicle, and another’s form or vehicle, and see it as equal to ours, just as beautiful in it’s own way the more Peace we will all experience in our lives, with ourselves and those around us.