Sophia, Santa Barbara, CA

“Last fall I had Beverly review my design as well as that of my boyfriend. We had been having ongoing difficulties for years and had tried many different therapists trying to discover ways in overcoming our difficulties. Finally, after 4 years of struggling, we were given answers by Beverly that made sense and allowed us to heal our lives. I was amazed by her reading of both myself and my boyfriend. Her accuracy was undeniable. I would urge everyone struggling in a relationship, regardless of the issue, to have their designs analyzed by Beverly; it is knowledge that can touch and affect every facet of your lives.”


Dear Beverly,

“Many thanks for helping me to such a greater healing and understanding. Only you could have interconnected my tasks (lessons) with my relationships, I, alone, could not make sense of it. Bright Light to You! You have altered the course of my life in a way I could not have imagined. My relationships are healing and becoming more then I ever imagined they could be. ”

Jane Stillman, Teacher, Santa Cruz, CA.


“As I survey the landscape of my life with an eye to what things have made an indelible difference for my growth in self-knowledge and self-compassion, I see that every session I’ve had with Beverly has been a landmark event. I’ve seen years of conflict and confusion, within myself or with my wife, seemingly evaporate in the course of one session with her.

I’ve worked with a great many teachers, guides, therapists, advisors, coaches, “readers”, etc. In my experience Beverly is in the very top tier of such workers, and is truly in a class of her own in terms of the depth and power of her work, the versatility of her methods, and the vastness of her ability to hold space for whatever comes forth to be heard and healed in a session.”

Paul Lancaster, Computer Technician, Fairfield, Iowa


I had a composite relationship reading from Beverly that helped me understand how a seemingly simple financial misunderstanding between my partner and I mysteriously stopped us and caused our relationship to end even though we did and still do love each other. Beverly’s interpretation of our composite chart explained perfectly this misunderstanding and has given me peace around the break up.

Thank you, Beverly !

S. Grant Larson