A Sample Design Chart of the H.H. Dalai Lama

This is an abbreviated reading of H.H. the Dalai Lama’s Human Design.

H.H.’s chart shows us a man that is primarily here to mutate the species (60-3), spiritually guide and empower through an innate perfect timing (15-5), and nurture (27) our species through transformation by revolting (49), having the role of the leader (7) and our role model (1), and wanting to be friend to all (37).

With the definition in 60-3 the channel of mutation connecting the kundalini chakra to the sacral life force, his design is to use his innate and activated kundalini or transformational energy to create physical and spiritual change in our life force center, the center where reproduction occurs. His very beingness is changing our cells.

This change is then brought out of the sacral center through his spiritual center, the G center, through the channel of 15-5 rhythm-the definition of being in the flow, the universal mechanism that binds all life together in the rhythm of life. This is the most significant channel is design as it is the only channel shared with all life forms. Gate 15 is the gate of Modesty and the Love for Humanity… This Love expresses out through the role his Self as leader, gate 7, and the role of the Self as role model, gate1. The flavor of his life force is expressed through gate 27, nurturing others. He is selfless, noncompetitive, and non confrontational by nature with no ego center activation. He has no emotional center activation so his emotional life will primarily be quite even while feeling the pain of all beings but in a detached kind of way.

When his emotions do express, they will be expressed via gate 49, revolution and principals, defending his tribe by revolting and defending principals, knowing what and whom is needed or not to restructure the community. He has gate 37, the gate of support and friendship to others. He holds outstretched arms ready to embrace and provide friendship to the outsider, serving with loyalty and care in exchange for loyalty in return.

He has a design to wait, unable to manifest change by himself. He needs to wait for others to ask him things so he can allow his body to respond for him. Upon being asked, if his body responds with a yes, either as a movement towards doing or via a sound, that is when it is right for him to act.

His mind is innately open and empty, curious (56), and detail oriented (62) by nature, and he talks best when invited to speak. Not being a natural speaker, he has had to learn to talk in public and would prefer not doing so. He speaks from what he has learned from life experience and always hopes for progress (35) and the spirituality of the emotions (55) to emerge.

He is a single definition with all his circuits aligned to his core moving in one orderly direction.

Having a defined higher self center, he knows his own spiritual direction and can show others theirs.

His open splenic center shows an inherited problem with authority (18) and a fear of possible failure (32) with a soul need to rest in that which does not change.

His only gate from the ego center, gate 21, shows an issue with needing to learn how to live not being in control and wanting to be in control.

He receives inspiration in every manner possible, having all 3 gates of the crown Chakra as part of his design. (64,61,63) . Being in an undefined center, the inspiration will come and go and change for him depending upon who he is with