Meet Human Design

Deep within your DNA lies a hidden code. It determines both who you are and who you will one day become. It is the original blueprint written in your genes, unrepeatable and unmistakable. It is Your Design. With Human Design Analysis this code is unlocked. It reveals your longings, thoughts, and feelings as a beautifully orchestrated pattern and provides you a life changing, practical, instruction manual specifically tailored to guide you towards fulfillment. Living your Design is deeply Liberating and Empowering. You feel Free, able to Relax and Expand into your True Self, leaving behind who you are not, & Celebrating your Uniqueness in Joy, as Love, & without fear. Finally, you’ll discover where you’re destined to make a unique contribution to this world & how to effectively and joyfully do that.

Beverly’s Unique Approach

She is first and foremost a Healer of the Soul, a Mystic, and an Agent of Change with her primary intention being to use Human Design as a tool to heal and expand your Awakening and Celebration of the Unique Divine Expression of Spirit that you are so you can feel fulfilled and live the Life you were meant to Live… an Extraordinary Life… every single day. In Human Design language , she is a Self-Generating Manifestor, designed to both lead the collective and empower individuals through her channels of “Leadership, 31-7”, being and contributing as a “Role Model, 8-1”, embodying ancient knowledge in her cells and giving it back via service as “Keeper of the Keys, 2-14”, being a “Voice of Knowing, gate 23,” to bring support to people by bringing them back to themselves”, gate 59, all of which is empowered directly by the Life Force, gate 34. Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design, refers to Beverly as “The Real Thing”. Her readings are incredibly accurate and full of amazing information but they are much more than that… Beverly ignites a deep cellular healing and transformation so that an actual energetic transmission and realization goes directly into your cells. You experience a healing and a transmission of truth. A peace arrives in your being that cannot be easily described. Much of the confusion and suffering you have carried for years dissolves at a cellular level and you feel free and at ease as Your Self like you have never felt before. Your Human Design is actually activated forward. She is unique amongst Human Design professionals as her approach and undisputed expertise with Human Design is derived less from the initial material she was taught and more from her own experiential knowledge derived from 17  years of reading thousands of Designs and the intense practical knowledge revealed to her by seeing how these Designs actually work through her Healing and Counseling practice with thousands of clients worldwide. Studying Human Design directly from Ra Uru Hu beginning in 1994 continues to have great value for her and serves as a solid foundation for her readings yet much of the language and attitude had a dis-empowering feel to it and it simply was not true to her. So, being designed to Empower and Know Truth, she corrected what she was taught to reflect more of the truth that she experienced … that we are Divine Beings and are not limited by anything, even our Design. In the end, Beverly integrates this extensive experience with 35 years of personal and intimate study of the I Ching using 8 translations to interpret your reading, an expertise in the Divine masculine and feminine energies, a masters degree in comparative religion, and an extensive spiritual practice to help you both understand and create success as a human being, to decode the meaning of your Design-Your Divine Role this life time, and to Awaken to the Magnificence of your True Divine Nature.