Adyashanti, Spiritual Teacher
San Jose, CA.;

“Any system is only as good as the one using it, and it is clear to me that Beverly exhibits a true mastery of the Human Design.
By understanding our human vehicle more clearly, we realize that it does not define who we really are but is instead the vehicle through which spirit expresses itself. Beverly is able to offer us a blueprint of our humanness so that we can come out of our identification, confusion and conflict with it and begin inhabiting it from the perspective of spirit.
An often overlooked truth is that we cannot be free from that which we do not understand. Herein lies the gift Beverly offers. By unraveling the confusing and paradoxical elements of our unique human design, we can come into a clear understanding of the human vehicle through which our true nature as universal spirit is functioning.

Her work clearly offers valuable insights to those interested in spiritual awakening.

On a more personal note, I love Beverly and I loved my reading with her as did my wife, Mukti. Her accuracy was 99.9%. No other reading has ever come close to that in accuracy. I have listened to my reading over 5 times and hear something new every time I listen to it. I highly recommend her and her work.”

Mukti, Spiritual Teacher

“My time with Beverly was unforgettable. Our conversation was pivotal in my understanding of how to be with me. It helped me put into perspective things about myself that I’d sensed for a long time, but had been unable to bring order to.

Beverly was so warm and could understand me in ways that I could never understand myself. She put into words aspects of my being that I couldn’t be with logically because I didn’t know that they didn’t connect up to my mind. And in the peace of seeing that, I’ve been left with a knowing that they are strongly connected by Presence–regardless of my never being able to understand how. I can feel this sense of this connective Presence in my form more palpably. What a gift…”

Ra Uru Hu
Founder of the Human Design System

“Beverly, you are the Real Deal…”

Mitchell Jay Rabin, M.A., L.AC

“With surgical precision, yet with a healer’s caress, Beverly utilizes the Human Design System like an artist, seeing what’s real and expressing it to you in a beautiful way. Even if the terrain is bumpy, you get the message as it is wrapped in love. So the thing is, you want to hear what she has to say. I “saw myself” in her words. Even though skeptical about a “whole new typological system” coming down the pike just a few short years ago after the planet has been gifted with such ancient psychologies as The I Ching and astrology East and West for thousands, I became convinced through Beverly of its value and efficacy. At this point I’m even giving some thought to studying it myself.

Thank you Beverly for opening me up and opening the Human Design System to me.”

Lena O’Neill, Spiritual Counselor

“Thank you SO much for all of your wonderful insight into my design. I feel overwhelmed, inspired, and somewhat in shock that your insight could be so eerily accurate. I feel amazingly seen, green lighted, and more able to be ME the way I really am. It was also very significant for me that you and I have a lot of matching things in our charts, so I ended up feeling held by you in a way that others may not have.

I am finding that using my [Human Design] strategy is more and more natural for me, and that the accuracy that I experience with answers and following my strategy is a tremendously rewarding way to live my life! I had been dabbling with this over the last year, but recently I’ve been employing it for pretty much every decision, and it really helps me to connect with “the flow” of my life.

Michael Winn
President, Healing Tao University Past President National Qiqong Association; Co-Author of 7 books on Qigonq with Mantak Chia and author of 10 Inner Tao Homestudy Video Courses;

“I am always skeptical of new systems. Human Design had a high intrigue factor due to it’s integration of astrology and the I Ching… but to be honest, I entered my consultation with expectations slightly lower than zero. And I left feeling excited and wanting more.
I was surprised by the precision of Beverly’s insights, the originality of the Human Design System, the directness of the way she probes into the soul, and her obvious gift to go beyond the system itself into spontaneous clairvoyance.

Beverly is a rare soul. She is a great spiritual guide – fun, loving and tough in just the right way as she helps you map a path into the forbidden terrain of your body and soul. Those who decide to dance with Beverly are both lucky and wise. I have no hesitation in giving her the highest rating. She is unique, a real stand out in her field.”

Sabine Grandke-Taft
International Workshop Leader Radiant Embodiment Workshops; David Deida, Somatic Experiencing and Feldenkreis Facilitator, San Rafael, CA. ,

“Beverly Bright’s Human Design Reading has transformed my life!
After many years and many other readings like Astrology, Numerology, Hand Analysis, Channeling and intuitive readings, Beverly’s fantastic knowledge and wisdom combined with her loving care and joyfulness have given me an understanding of my Self that is deeper and more genuinely accurate than ever.

With her guidance I am able to embrace and relax into the True me that had survived all attempts to outgrow my flaws, fit in or transform what turns out to be only my outer shells. My clear awareness of who I really Am and how I want to live my life authentically is possible through Beverly’s brightness!”