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Cutting to the Core of your Issues Quickly and Compassionately, and then Resolving them Efficiently and Permanently

Beverly’s unparalleled effectiveness as a counselor/healer is founded in her immense and diverse knowledge in the most effective, cutting edge psychological/spiritual methods available today, her extensive spiritual study and training, her vast life experience, and most importantly, her Deep, Grounded, and Aware Love-Wisdom-Presence.

Her professional accomplishments include a BA in Psychobiology, MA in Comparative Religion, Gestalt Training, Transactional Analysis training, 14 years as a top professional Human Design Analyst, and 16 years as a professional Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Her studies have included 20 years with the Diamond Approach, 10 years with Eckhart Tolle, 5 years with David Deida, and a 7 year apprenticeship with “The Guides”, an Interdimensional Presence who taught her a healing technology completely new to this planet aimed directly for the healing of our Shadow, Past Lives, and the Wounded Child matrixes that live within us. She is in one of only 3 people on the planet who facilitates this life changing and transformational healing technology.

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