Healing of the Heart and Soul and Empowerment as your Divine Self


Inner Child Healing, Shadow Transformation, and Sub Selves Transmutation
Foundational Human Design Analysis, Self Empowerment and Creative Alive Self Expression


The Healing Phase:

Beverly meets you with deep compassion in your pain and in your truth and with razor edge precision helps you uncover the core beliefs that are fueling your suffering. She then skillfully shows you the way out and through that suffering. She is a way-shower. She will catalyze and accelerate the healing and expansion of your heart and soul by quickening and empowering your divine nature and self-knowing. She teaches and directs you to this as an experience you feel directly in your cells.

Presenting problems are met in a fashion that allows you to see, feel and know the underlying issues that are fueling any contraction, reaction, fear, or pain. She will then track these beliefs back to their origin and heal them where they needed to be healed in the first place, their point of origin.

Expansion, strength, peace, self love, and inner harmony begin to arise as the contracted and suffering “parts of you” are gently met, welcomed, heard, felt, honored, and loved. Your Essential nature then begins to expand into its fullness and you begin to meet your potential as a spiritual being. You begin to feel strong and your life begins to feel magical and rich.

Your issues are then reframed and seen as opportunities, and we begin to see together the lesson that is being offered you. We delve into the fertile ground of Soul Truth, so that we can learn whatever is necessary to heal, love, grow, accept, honor and then move on from these limiting thoughts, beliefs, and subsequent difficult inner experiences.

It is a deep, expanding, stabilizing and feeling process that gets to the core of your pain and transforms it utterly and completely.


The Empowerment Phase:

Exploring your Foundational Human Design, your innate energetic wiring… the hand you were dealt at birth and skills to grow,learn self trust, and then blossom as the Unique and Divine Being that you are.

Beverly guarantees to guide you to your own True Self and own Self-Knowing and in that process, the best, next step in your soul’s unfolding journey will be revealed and experienced by you in the very fabric of your being and in your very cells.

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