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Awakening to Self

November 2012


Bright Flat



Many apologies but we just noticed that the incomplete version of the
newsletter was sent – this corrected version has a more in depth
version of the Obama Natal and Obama Solar Return highlights.


and well wishes as we approach the final months of 2012.  It
truly has been an incredible year filled with lots of love, loss,
endings and new beginnings and I’m sure you’ve all been feeling
it.  Some changes are forced upon us while others are mere choices
we’ve made after longstanding debates with our own minds.


this newsletter, I wanted to address a very crucial decision that
will soon be made and that is the upcoming presidential election.

included important highlights from the Human Design Natal Chart
readings for both Mitt Romney and President Obama, as well as both of
their Solar Return charts for 2012-2013.


are insightful tidbits of information about two men committed to
change – we’ll soon see how it all plays out.

hope you enjoy – we all hope for the best – for ourselves, for our
country, our planet, our universe.


Mitt Romney

 Natal Human Design Chart


        Romney - Natal HD Chart

      Mitt Romney – Natal
Human Design Chart


centers in the middle of his design are open – the Ego and Self.

Centers are heavily responsible for how we express our identity.

is no center core that navigates or guides him consistently – so his
identity will fluctuate with the environment and

it is natural for
him to change his position to align with what identity is needed at
that time to achieve what he is passionate about


really is changing as he goes and he is designed to lead

as we can see from the gates he has on these centers.


– often political leaders serving the collective,
served as Governor of MA; Producing the Olympics,


– Can be leader in organization as well – Holding
vision for us all to get along. Responsible for his bi-partisan work
in Massachusetts as well as his more liberal-center bending view back
then as Governor and where he is leaning again after that primary


on the Ego Center – Leader of his tribe – as in the
Bishop of the Mormon Church;  CEO for Bain Capital


22 line 6
– his Sun the planet of our last identity and most
familiar place is in the line of maturity, the leader line of gate
22  – he is certainly destined to lead.


can see that he is constantly changing identities, however, the
‘identity changing’ theme is in alignment with the gates he has
Governor, Corporate Leader, Religious Leader, Producer of the
Olympics… now, going for the Presidency.

Mitt Romney


Manifesting from the Emotional Center to the Throat

– this is the motor that drives him to manifest what he is passionate
about, moves him to create a perfect form in some way; we see
examples in his physical, perfected form – the smile, the hair, the
male Barbie doll looks, the family

36-35 – pushes him to do things to gain wisdom through new
experiences; it is creative and it is about changing things

  • Gate
    35, Line 5 in the Moon –
    Altruistic, not
    ego based, there is selflessness and a true wanting of the
    experience to help

  •  Gate
    36, Mars exalted –
    he is solid and
    can handle emotional difficulties – he knows how to digest it
    and learn from it

2 Projected

63-4 – Inspiration center to the Mind – the Channel of
Practical Answers; he has a way to see what is broken in the pattern
and how to fix it, find a solution and implement it

  • Gate
    4, the Moon exalted –
    clearly a being
    that can fix things in a practical way – this is his business
    sense; he’s a formula guy


38-28 Root Chakra to Spleen – Channel
of a calling to make a difference

  • Gate
    38, Line 6 – Mars;
    a willingness to
    stand alone and the courage to fight against odds;



Gate 48, Line 6 in Neptune – He
has solutions
, Depth of solutions to support his 63-4 mind’s
capacity to derive a successful formula

Jupiter is exalted for him – this
drives him to create change, correct what needs correcting


He truly feels he has solutions and/or will find them
and can manifest change and he is willing to fight for that cause.

It really matters for him both emotionally (he is
moved within himself) and purposefully. He feels he is on his soul’s
purpose in this.
He is Deeply called.


1 of several
Potential Weakness

Gate 27 with open sacral Line 3 – Greed
– he obsesses about getting more than what he needs

– an inherited weakness of having that greed factor play out.


Mitt Romney

Solar Return Highlights for

Romney - Solar Return 2012

Romney – Solar Return Chart 2012 – 2013




This Self – Sacral channel activates his natal gate 15, his role in
the Self center,  and
brings him to a more
fixed identity this year and that identity is leadership in a
moderate role through shared understanding and blending all factions.

(See Natal reading for more on this gate) He has the ‘right timing’
to act, as well as gate 5 in the sacral indicates him being in the
right flow for him. Access to sacral, life force movement from gate



Sacral – Spleen channel has Saturn in detriment –
is a reflection of his values that needs refinement – a
dissatisfaction with or embarrassment of his original values or
higher truths seen through gate 50, a role in the community relating
to correct values the tribe needs for success. This has been
happening during his run for office – that’s why we see the
“flip-flop” on values – he is working through this
refinement of values during his campaign.

Saturn in detriment…moves toward a more stern conservative set of
values than he had as Governor. He is confused here…Abortion,
contraception, etc



Spleen to Throat channel, with Gate 48
allows him to
access a depth of practical solutions for the world and completing
them to mastery – bringing those solutions out through the throat and
into the world, gate 16 does that for him this year. This is
excellent for us should he get elected.
It aligns
with his natal 63-4 channel of finding the formula for success.



gate 25-line 6 in Uranus
is where his
innocence is betrayed by his actions i.e., flip-flopping – his Higher
Self-identity reveals itself through his actions; this will taint his
identity center and his capacity to lead ‘cleanly.’

We see a problem with his ‘Higher Self’ “How can we know what he
believes in?” The hidden video that betrayed his
“innocence” for example.

Self Gate 15 – The potential
exists that he does manifest this Leadership role.
he does win the Presidency, he would probably be a more moderate
President than what we have seen during his campaign. 

The conservative approach he has had to take to get the nomination –
I think once he got into office we would see a more moderate

He could work across borders with people.


Gate 35 – Mars in detriment

the desire for progress and change; this is about
drive for success and his use of power and people to get what he
needs; however, this also reflects abuse of position to accumulate
perks with the inevitable retribution from those used or unfairly
deprived by him.

Solar Plexus 55-line 2 –
Gate of Distrust:
this is Abundance that’s hampered by slander or gossip – this is his
Chiron as well, his Neptune is conjunct his Chiron.  In the end
I think this is a fundamental problem for Romney. Neptune blurs things…
we can’t decide what is real or not real
His true heart, gate 55, is blurred by Neptune. We don’t know how to
trust him.

With the 46-29, 36-35 and the 22-12,
if there is
something this guy commits to, he can make it happen like nobody’s



Barak Obama

Natal Human Design Chart


Natal Human Design for Barak Obama

Barak Obama Natal Human Design Chart

On the Self center, we see Gates 1, 2 as well as the
15 –
the same role of harmonizing Leadership that Romney
has, but Obama has the center natally defined where Romney does
not. He is someone that will express a consistent identity.



The 1-8 channel that defines his Self to throat
shows him
strongly connected to his deep truths and being an
expressive role model by living from his deep truths and speaking
them.  He has a unique way of expressing a loving and truth
oriented energy – a connection to principles – a consistently
defined higher self identity.


41-30 Root chakra to Emotional system; The channel of the Dreamer – this is where he has
faced people buying his dream (winning the election) and the
political reality of that not happening for him (rejections by the
Republican Congress) – this is what he’s been dealing with. This is
a projected channel – not connected to the throat – it needs
recognition to either work or not work. It did not work – Congress
failed to recognize his dream – he could not make it happen on his
own (with some exception on the first 2 years with the health care


For an in-depth reading of Barak Obama’s Natal Human
Design reading, please click here to list to the audio file: 

 Audio reading of Human Design Chart for Barak


Barak Obama


Solar Return Chart
Highlights for 2012-2013

Barak Obama
Solar Return Chart for 2012-2013


45-21 -The Manifesting ego channel.
His Ego
center is defined directly to his throat; he is fighting for control
of his tribe, to remain in the ego (role on the tribe) identity
of  President; this is a CEO Channel and there is a focus on his
ideas of how to govern; this starts in August for him; a real strong
Ego push – fighting for his political position and vision (the
election campaign). 


Channel of Survival His intuition (57) guiding his
actions ( 34-20) of how to lead the planet forward – he has a
future-based orientation guiding him and the planet for survival,
i.e., global warming,  re-election, etc


31 throat gate of influence –
Leadership; being
able to influence the collective and perhaps other world powers a bit
better this year


45 – The Gate of the King and Educator – With the line of
Reconsideration.  An outsider that can admit its prior rejection
(on his part – how he lead the country) was in error and turn it
around –
reviewing the leadership of his country and what he needs
to do to take it forward
– this is good for
us as a country! 


Center – Gate 40, Line 1 – The line of Recuperation – doesn’t like
not being liked; rejected by the tribe and the discomfort of that –
doesn’t like it –
lots of movement to regain that
acceptance of the tribe 


in Gate 37, Line 4 – exalted – his feelings of being connected to and
accepted by the tribe, his leadership by example;
of the highest principles in all relationships resulting in a
leadership role – I see a turnaround in how he leads and to manifest
these higher principles in everyday and practical affairs – he is
going forward most of the time except when his security is threatened
(Gate 32).

Saturn in detriment in Gate 32 – The instinct to maintain one’s
principles – as long as security is not threatened. If his security
is threatened he will lower his principles (i.e., negative campaign
ads – lowered his principles)

matters to him and drives him (the Moon) is going to bring these
higher principles into his leadership role amongst his tribe, and
then understand how his guidance, his vision needs to have a stronger
role to manifest these beliefs – this will go into 2013



It all looks very close but in the end it looks like
Barak Obama is going to take it…


the best man win on this one – and may we all experience positive
change in the upcoming years.


Much Love and Blessings to you All.





Marie Bright MA

~  Advanced Human Design Analysis 

~  Specialist in Soul Level Transformation and
Psycho/Spiritual Healing 

~   Personal and Couples Counseling 

~  Spiritual Guidance 

~   Location Astrology 

~   Insight Tarot 

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