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Friends ~

Hallelujah! Love and Blessings to everyone! May has
arrived and I could not be happier! What a tough time it has been this
past April for many of us, including me.  

With spring upon us, we enter a cycle of rebirth, renewal, resurrection
and new growth.  We’ve celebrated Passover and Easter as well
as the election of the new Pope
– a beautiful leader whose design holds much
promise for the Catholic religion and the world. I’ll be speaking about
him in this issue’s Human
Design Feature
section.  He is a fascinating and most
wondrous choice by the Vatican. 

In Inner
Journey Insights
I discuss how I’ve personally been
affected by the current Saturn influence and eclipse energy and how it
truly is a day by day challenge to work through these intense times.

Tying into this cycle, I’ve added an Astrology Feature where I’ll
take a look at some planetary movements and alignments that seem to be
playing a grand part in these recent times of turbulence, intensity and
transformation. Not only do we look at eclipsing the old and welcoming
the new from a planetary perspective, we acknowledge the Chinese Year of the Snake
– as it also prepares us for shedding some old skin to bring in the
In The Healing
section, we will take a look at the Saturn Return
reading and what it has to offer by reviewing the highlights of the Saturn Return for Pope
  The Saturn influence occurs every
twenty-nine years and is always an important time in one’s life as it
outlines the next big thrust of our energy. They are times of endings
and new beginnings and great changes.  For the Saturn Return
reading, I integrate the Natal HD Chart with the Saturn Return imprint
to reveal what  role/path we are here to lead in this next
cycle of life, where our place is – and clarify the elements you need
to focus on to gain optimal results!

Moving on as graciously as possible to the more mundane… for The Inner Journey Insights,
The Healing Center and the Human Design Feature

sections of the newsletter, I am trying out a new format.  I
have audio links of readings spoken by me vs. the lengthy text versions
of the past. I thought it would be a more personal touch and I hope you
like it.  Please
enjoy these audio files and time of reflection. Please send

Here is the first feature, Inner Journey Insights – my personal
greeting to you. 




Please click below to listen Finding peaceto
an audio reading of my Inner Journey Insights section where I reflect

          • a
            bit of my personal situation as of late

          • the
            challenging teachings of a Saturn influence  

          • the
            intense energies of the eclipse seasons 

          • upcoming Human Design classes
            come join us and learn more about Human Design no matter what
            level of knowledge you have!

          • and
            much more… 

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Human Design Chart for Pope Francis

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ASTROLOGYASTROLOGY FEATURE – Eclipses, Intentions and Major Changes

Full Moon

New Moon

On 4/10 at 5:35 am EST, there
was a new moon at 20 degrees of Aries. The new moon was an excellent
time for setting intentions.  

It was uniquely powerful because it was the same degree as the recent
Venus/Mars conjunction, which happened 4/9, also at 20 degrees of Aries
– HD gate 42, The Venus/Mars conjunction started a new 2 year cycle
around relationships, and this new moon added to that intensity, since
it mirrored it exactly. Gate 42 in Human Design is a gate for
completions of cycles and subsequent growth.

It was also about passion, about following one’s desires and finding
ways to value yourself.

Pluto, the planet of Transformation, went into station or
Retrograde in HD Gate 38 on April 12th, adding to the intensity of this
eclipse period –
be forewarned – life is getting intense! Finding
true meaning and depth in our lives, needing it and being willing to
fight for it is paramount.

On 4/15: Venus, the planet of love and money, transited into Taurus, HD
gate 3
On 4/16: Mars, the planet of assertiveness, aggression and getting what
we want also spun into Taurus, HD gate 3.
On 4/20: the Sun entered Taurus, gate 3.
Gate 3 in HD is a gate of breaking free of limitations with some
struggle and rocky new beginnings.
Chaos that leads to transformation. The young flower seeding fighting
its way through the concrete to life and self-expression. Birth.

Season of the Eclipse

This is going to be an extremely pivotal spring for
everyone. To begin with, we have three eclipses in a row, which in
itself is an aberration. Generally, we have two eclipses every 6

The first of three Powerful Eclipses happened on 4/25 – a Lunar Eclipse
in Scorpio, HD gate 44.1, coming to meet.

Lunar Eclipses are points of culmination and a time of releasing what
no longer serves us. Wherever this falls in your Personal Natal Chart, something
shall be coming to a conclusion, and if it is not serving your Highest
and Best Good it will be removed – Released from your Life.
purpose of this is to make room for something ‘New and More Positive’
that does serve Your Highest Good. This Eclipse is aspecting
Saturn so it appears whatever is decided upon or occurs will be a Long
Term Situation.

The sign of Scorpio is currently being tested to evolve. Saturn, the
astrological taskmaster, entered the transformational sign of Scorpio
on October 6, 2012 and will remain in the sign of Scorpio until
September 18, 2015. (HD gates 14, 43, 1, 44, 28, and some lines in 50.)
Saturn in Scorpio is like cosmic therapy, which forces us to face our

This partial lunar eclipse at 5 degrees of Scorpio speaks to the
lessons and challenges of Saturn in Scorpio: The need
to let go in order to transform.

The full moon in Scorpio
conjoins Saturn, and what restricts us and blocks us
will be released. Mars, the planet of action, is close to the sun and
spurs us to move forward. The South node in Taurus is close to Venus,
the ruler and planet of love.
Relationships, which are no
longer healthy or which block us from growth, need to be addressed,
completed, and let go. This full moon eclipse will force us to face the

A Lunar eclipse occurs approximately every 6 months, and
it is an
EXTRA powerful Full moon, so get ready for high emotions
in April and May.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when
the earth is between the sun and the moon, and the shadow of the Earth
falls on the moon. Lots of wild things happen around lunar eclipses,
and you might encounter a lot of odd behavior in people. Relationships
will be a lot more high strung and on edge this next 6 weeks. During
eclipse time, people can literally be “eclipsed” from our

Coming into May, we shall experience a
Powerful Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Taurus occurring on May 10 at
7:28 ET which will bring something New and Positive into our lives.

This Eclipse is a Solar
Eclipse so it brings in newness. The Taurus Solar Eclipse is conjuncting the South Node in Taurus which rules
past life energies – again we see the theme of releasing what no longer
serves our Highest Good. The last time we experienced a Solar Eclipse
at 20 degrees Taurus was back in May of 1994, so it is interesting and
useful to look back at what you were doing at that time – the whole
year of 1994 – and reviewing if this was something helping you in your
growth or something that needs releasing and renewal.

A Solar Eclipse occurs every 6
months when the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth cutting off
the light of the sun. It is always a new moon and tends to bring new
beginnings into people’s lives.

eclipses are excellent to set new intentions. I’ve found in my study of
Eclipses that both Solar and Lunar can be major beginnings or endings.
However, I usually find that Solar Eclipses tend to usher in new
people, new opportunities, or new relationships.

This Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Taurus conjoins Mars,
the planet of action, and Mercury, the planet of communication. This
will be a very busy time with communication and business, and it will
trigger new beginnings. The fact that the south node, the area which we
need to release, is also conjunct this New Moon eclipse, emphasizes the
fact that we need to let go.

Taurus is the sign of the collector. The collector needs to let go of
earthly possessions, people, and patterns which keep him or her stuck
in the physical plane. This eclipse series helps to induce spiritual

Lastly, a final Lunar Eclipse will occur on 5/25 at 4 degrees
Sagittarius so again, the theme of releasing what no longer serves us
is coming up. This Eclipse will activate the Pluto-Uranus Square and
the theme of breaking down what is not working. Revolutionizing changes
where they are needed is heightened.

This is truly a time of breaking down what needs renewal in favor of
Revolutionary and Visionary Changes – both personally and globally.

This is a momentous full moon eclipse, as it is the third eclipse in a
short period of time and the second lunar eclipse, which means more
release and endings. It is also the final eclipse in the
Sagittarius/Gemini sign axis.

Full Moon eclipses are a time of culmination and release. Mercury, the
planet of communication, conjoins Jupiter, the planet of expansion and
abundance. This will intensify and magnify emotions heavily, so tread
lightly with all of this intense emotional energy. Nervousness and
heavy emotions will be strong.

To add to this, there is a third exact square of Pluto and Uranus,
which takes place on May 20th, 2013, and the need for freedom,
expansion, reform, and endings.

Neptune, the planet of confusion, makes a challenging square to this
lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses shed light on matters and reveal
information, which up until now has remained hidden. This is an
excellent time for creative ventures, prayer, and inner examination.
Unhealthy relationships and circumstances will not survive these three

Lastly, by 5/20, the planets are moving into Gemini, with Venus already
in Gemini, gate 35, and the Sun entering light and easy Geminian Energy, HD gate 20 on 5/20 followed by
Mars on 5/31. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will all conjunct in the
pleasant and easy sign of Gemini on 5/27, HD gate 12. 

house this conjunction falls in Your Personal Natal Astrology Chart
there is a Very Good and Lucky, Positive and Happy Occurrence coming.
This is a Nice Universal Gift being showered upon us after so much
tumultuous change we are handling all month long

Your Design mechanics to KNOW what is in Your Highest Good and release what
is not.

This is an intense and
emotionally challenging time with so many eclipses coming so quickly.
Stay connected to your innermost self by taking moments of silence,
breathing, and grounding.  Re-listen to your foundational HD
reading and tune into your inner authority in your Human Design so you
may know what your lessons are, make wise choices and deal well with
these upcoming changes.


The snake represents shedding
old skin or ways that no longer suit your best self.  
Shedding the old makes way for new energy to transform the old into new
and better energies that are beneficial to your highest truths.

We will learn that shedding
the old skin isn’t necessarily easy but it is surely necessary to break
through to the great love within and expand your creative soul.

Throughout the year of the snake, you may feel like your are
regressing back to a different time in your life.  Also, according
to Deborah Koff-Chapin, noted teacher,
author and SoulCard creator, “many incidents will
unfold on the world stage that will cause you to shake your head and
wonder at the stupidity of the species – but that drama can be seen as
the dead skin that needs to be released, rather than the true course of
the future.”



Pope Franics

Pope Francis

Raised Roman Catholic and attending Catholic school as a child back in Massachusetts, I was very close to the Catholic
church and studied the great Saints for some time.

I had a mystical experience when I was being confirmed that took me
away from the Catholic rituals and guided me to align with the
teachings of Jesus.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing priest at my local
parish and a church that I spent a lot of time in and this is where I
strengthened my intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. 

This being said, I have a very warm place in my heart for the
introduction to devotion that I met when I was immersed in my religious

Even though I have been away from the Catholic religion
for sometime, I still follow it’s activities because I have such a genuine
interest in who will be guiding
such a large amount of people and who has the potential to bring lots
of love and care into the planet and who can model that love and
compassion in a true way
… and here comes Pope
Francis with his smile and what he believes in – he is very compelling!

Please click below to listen to the audio reading of the Human Design
Chart for Pope Francis.

FRANCIS – on Home page, click on Pope Francis Solar Return on bottom


Human Design Chart for Pope Francis

Human Design Chart for Pope Francis

Bright Flat



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The Saturn Return:

This influence occurs about every twenty-nine years. The
first such influence occurred when you were about age twenty-nine, and the
second is between your fifty-eighth and sixtieth birthday, and a third
can happen as you enter your ninetieth year.

This is one of the most important times in your life. A major cycle of
experience is closing, and great
are about to take place. How great these
changes are depends largely on what you have been doing with your life
over the past several years.

Have you been
living as you feel you should or as you think others want you to? If
you have been doing the latter, this influence will have a greater


SATURN RETURN for Pope Francis

To give an example, I have included a link to an audio file of my
reading of the Saturn Return for Pope Francis – please click here

Link to audio file of Pope Francis Saturn Return

to listen and enjoy the Saturn imprint of this remarkable human being –
a man who is clearly here to lead and to right the wrongs and stand up
against injustice – a caring, grounded, family-centered, truthful
leader on a heroes journey, much like Martin Luther King and Ghandi.


Listen, Reflect and Enjoy

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needs support and guidance of some form or another in certain times of
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Now it is imperative to flow with the rapids in the river – get
comfortable with the bumpy ride by surrendering to and accepting what
is and riding it out.

Just like getting caught in the rapids or flying in turbulence (I am a
pilot), fighting against it brings less control and more bruising – we
must flow in its direction.

You may know what services you need or you might be uncertain about the
most beneficial form of healing for you.

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In closing, I’d
like to remind you to email me to sign up for Human Design classes and
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Try to stay calm, grounded and tuned into your intuition
during these tumultuous times.  It is important to tune into the lessons you
are learning and make wise choices with these upcoming changes. Take
care of yourself, meditate, exercise, rest and listen to your dreams.

I wish good blessings and heartfelt support to you all.

Much Love and Many, Many Blessings,  




Beverly Marie Bright MA 

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~  Specialist in Soul Level
Transformation and Psycho/Spiritual Healing 

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