Provides the Key Information for your Personal Human Design taken from an astrological type formula

The Personality column displays the positions of the planets at the time of your birth and reflects your Soulic patterns and Conscious Potential.

The Design column displays the positions of the planets 88 degrees of the sun before your birth and reflects your Inherited Biogenetic patterns and Unconscious Potential.


A Unique and Graphic Map of your DNA-Directed Energetic Circuitry. The number sequences from your birth time are loaded into the Body graph and your unique genetic blueprint emerges.


Your Master Genetic Strategy. Determines how you ideally enter into any situation: relationship, work, etc. Type has been scientifically verified by detailed statistical analysis. There are 4 types Manifestor, Generator, Projector, or Reflector. All of are 1 or these at our core with possible combinations as well.


Your Life’s “Tone” Gives unique insight into your unconscious behavioral patterns. You are 1 of 12 profiles.


Your Basis for Reliable Decision Making. Determines how you make consistently clear decisions in all areas of your life and whether you are designed to be spontaneous or not.


Your Formula for Least Resistance. You are designed either “To Wait” or “To Do”. Only 8% of humanity have the mode “To Do”.


The Essence of Who You Are. Operating 24/7, consistently and utterly reliable as you, creating your own unique chemistry, signature, and auric field.


Who You Are Not. Where you are attracted to and interact with others, your potential for wisdom, manipulation, or confusion. Your “Lesson Plan”.


Your Current Life Phase. At mid-life, the theme of your life shifts dramatically. Here you see the exact nature and timing of your current life phase as determined by a complex geometric alignment to the moon.


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