Michael Winn President, Healing Tao University

“I am always skeptical of new systems. Human Design had a high intrigue factor due to it’s integration of astrology and the I Ching… but to be honest, I entered my consultation with expectations slightly lower than zero. And I left feeling excited and wanting more.
I was surprised by the precision of Beverly’s insights, the originality of the Human Design System, the directness of the way she probes into the soul, and her obvious gift to go beyond the system itself into spontaneous clairvoyance.
Beverly is a rare soul. She is a great spiritual guide – fun, loving and tough in just the right way as she helps you map a path into the forbidden terrain of your body and soul. Those who decide to dance with Beverly are both lucky and wise. I have no hesitation in giving her the highest rating. She is unique, a real stand out in her field.”